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About Now Finance

Now Finance includes personal loans in a broader offering of financial services.

Although a relative newcomer the company is nonetheless regulated and entirely above board and is jostling among its peers for the position.

Quick loan payouts

The company’s relatively rapid success is based largely on a few key factors, primarily its dynamic service ethic and quick loan turnaround times. Available reviews given by clients of Now Finance are very favourable. They typically refer to the pleasant nature of the interaction with company staff and Now Finance is clearly out to exceed others’ service offerings.

Their service ethic

The company has Australian help centres and has clearly adopted the American service ethic into its core offering and business model.

As much of the tone and assistance available is pertinently Australian and designed to reassure and meet its clients well, not only with a sleek personal cash loan offering but also capably couched in a sense of “home”.

What Now Finance can offer you

An obvious benefit to loaning from Now Finance, albeit a small one, is that one can ascertain one’s repayment rate, based on one’s credit score, prior to applying for the loan.

This is further embellished by the fact that the credit check done beforehand will not affect a consumer’s credit rating (usually any credit checks done to have a negative impact on a consumer’s rating).

Well tailored offerings

In addition, Now Finance has tailored their offering well, extending unsecured personal loans of between $4,000 to $40,000 with a repayment period of up to seven years.

People serving people

The company makes sure that clients know that a human being assesses every application and the theme of personal, a local contact is woven throughout the online loan application.

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In a Nutshell

  •  Average processing time 48 to 72 hours
  •  Online application
  •  Unsecured loan option
  •  Bad credit consideration
  •  Early repayment

Welcoming loan applicants with homespun wit & warmth

With personal loans from Now Finance being flexible - both in terms of amount and repayment terms - as well as unsecured, the company’s client base is steadily growing.

When will you get your loan?

Clients have the option to conduct the application telephonically as well. Documentation is needed to finalise an application for a short term loan and although not specific in places about exactly how long approval takes, it is stated that, with all relevant documentation submitted, any request received by 2 pm that day is usually finalised on the same day.

Fixed interest rate loans

Now Finance offers a fixed interest rate on repayments, a feature favoured by the majority of financially prudent borrowers, as rates typically have turned against consumers globally over the last decade.

Get pre-approved online

While the submission of an application will carry the typical impact on a consumer’s credit rating, the little pre-application check that comes unencumbered with a dip in one’s ratings is a nice touch and a personal loan offering from Now Finance is peppered with similar gems.

The overall tone is one of a proudly Australian company, keeping it real for Australians.

Simplicity & transparency

A personal loan calculator, additional FAQ’s and qualifying criteria are all available on page one and Now Finance online is hard to beat for detailed simplicity and transparency when applying for a fast loan.

Online calculators to help you calculate your lifestyle

Our nifty online calculator allows our customers to properly plan their personal loan to a tee. By considering your past, current and future economic circumstances you can make a better-informed decision for your financial future. The calculator will assist the borrower to determine the most affordable repayment amount and loan term for their current financial standing. Take your finances into your own hands with the assistance of the Now Finance calculator.

Eligibility & Requirements

  •  Employed full-time
  •  Credit check
  •  Good credit history
  •  Recent pay slips

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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

February 2019

I will never try to get finance from another lender. I was very impressed with Now Finance’s service, products and the entire lending process. They definitely have a high position on my recommend...

Martha M
— Gold Coast —

April 2019

Thank you for the amazing service. I was nervous about taking out a loan but your friendly and knowledgeable staff were able to ease my concerns by answering each and every one of my questions im...

Dane S
— Newcastle —

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