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About Aussie

Aussie’s cheeky moniker is nonetheless heartfelt and seems well received by Australians, who are growing this company’s presence year on year and relating to the services on offer.

With sterling advice right on the home page, it’s obvious that Aussie leans towards the prospective customer. For many consumers, the prospect of crunching numbers, especially extrapolated numbers spanning two decades or more, is unwelcome, to say the least.

The best deals guaranteed

 Aussie has emerged as a home loan portal that will do all of the behind-the-scenes number jugglings so that their clients can be assured of the level best deal they’ll get, buying a home in Australia.

One-stop shop

A one-stop facility, Aussie will document your details, needs and desires and arrange home loan finance by retrieving bids from a host of lenders, among them all the major banks of Australia.

Hassle-free home loan hunting

Selling a service and accruing affiliate commissions, Aussie has very cleverly made a name and a business by taking the hassle out of home loan hunting, without adding the costs to the client’s long term commitment.

What Aussie can offer you

Aussie favours a telephone call to one of its broker's post perusal of the various snippets of intel on site. While it is possible to conclude everything online, via phone & mail, most clients prefer to meet their broker and deal with Aussie face to face.

The services on offer include the usual ancillary products one might expect from a bank. The Aussie experience differs, however, in that there is no online loan application process. Since they essentially act as a brokerage, clients will need to book a meeting with a broker.

Supporting documents

While hard copies of all needed documentation will be discussed over the phone and can be taken in to the appointment, it is still possible to limit that meeting to a detailed chat.

Electronic documents can be mailed afterwards. Post discussion, one’s broker will set out to secure the best deal on offer for a mortgage.

A shop-for-you service

Since Aussie is trading on its services and not its financial clout, trust has been key in building the brand.

There is the general perception that they are a valuable brokerage that go several extra miles. To this end, Aussie has succeeded in positioning itself as a sought after service in the Australian market.

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In a Nutshell

  •  Fixed-rate home loans
  •  Interest-only home loans
  •  In-store application

Aussie is a leading home loan broker

Trading largely on the growing ranks of satisfied clients who sing their praises as well as some savvy marketing, Aussie reaches even slightly beyond its own offerings and clients will attest that sometimes even unrelated offerings have been facilitated by Aussie brokers.

Better value services

Super conscious of their service is their value, Aussie has become a household name largely due to its ability to live out the service offering.

Founder John Symond has managed to ensure that his shrewd and sassy insight into how citizens might better be served in the arena of probably the biggest item purchase of their lives, remains to this day a customer-focused experience.

Hassle-free home loan hunting

With an online repayment calculator, various mortgage examples and enough intel to entertain a visitor for at least a day, Aussie has kept the tools any prospective home buyer might expect online.

More effort – better results

With revenue derived solely from placing a home loan with a client, Aussie really turns the service wheels in order for consumers to be assured of the best deal they are going to get on the continent.

Skillfully rendered and alluring in its simplicity and service, Aussie’s site is a great place to start making dreams come true.

Why do you need my personal information?

The reason we need access to your personal information is so that we can see if you can afford the home loan you are applying for. We have seen a number of clients applying for credit while their budget can’t handle the further financial strain.

At Aussie, we don’t want our clients who already have a number of credit plans they are paying for to put more strain on their budget just so they can take an Aussie home loan. If anything, we prefer that they first finish paying off their advances before they can apply for another credit plan.

It is important that a client remembers that a home loan is no ordinary credit plan. Failing to meet your financial obligations has the potential of making a customer lose their home and their credit profile will also be jeopardized.

Can I pay my home loan earlier than the required date?

If you would like to settle your home loan earlier than the scheduled date, you are welcome to do so. Just give us a call and one of our consultants will set this option up for you. We appreciate customers who take their debts seriously.

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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

October 2018

Thanks to Aussie home loans, I finally got a house I could afford.

Steven G
— Canberra —

January 2019

Without the financial assistance of Aussie, I would have never got the opportunity to become a property owner.

Lucy V
— Perth —

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