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Bank of Sydney


  • Low-interest starting from 3.79%
  • Property finance up to $200,000
  • Repayment up to 30 years

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About Bank of Sydney

The Bank of Sydney has been operating for 16 years and has a strong track record and a good reputation among customers for having patience, dealing with people with respect and most of all, getting it done right from day one.

As one of Australia’s smaller banks Bank of Sydney offers a different customer service experience than the bigger guys simply because they’re more about quality than quantity and profit.

A comprehensive range of products

Whether you’re looking for a business loan or an everyday transactional account this growing bank can serve you with great service and competitive products.

Bank of Sydney won Money Magazine’s “Best of the Best” award for 2017 in the cheapest mortgage category. This award is highly regarded and proves that this bank strives to offer its customers more value at lower costs.

A website with a difference

Bank of Sydney has upgraded and improved their website to ensure that you can easily and comfortably make use of it and all its features from any device are it a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

From information to online banking you can take care of the necessary easily and quickly on their improved website! 

What Bank of Sydney can offer you

Whether you’re looking for a bank account or are a business looking for a tailored cash flow management solution, Bank of Sydney offer a full range of solutions.

One of the best things about Bank of Sydney is there extensive range of home loan products which offer everyone from the first time home owner to the growing property investor an option to reach their goals. These home loans offer you redraw facilities, split rates, low fees, credit cards and offset accounts among many other features and benefits.

Fixed and variable interest rates

Bank of Sydney offer both fixed and variable rate home loans to Australians. While a fixed rate will ensure the stability of your monthly loan repayments the variable rate may offer you larger savings overall.

Tools and guides

Bank of Sydney offers customers a range of home loan calculators which are designed to help you plan your biggest financial decisions. These calculators include extra repayment and even a term deposit calculator for those wishing to save for a specific goal.

Bank of Sydney Product Details

  • Loan Type Property finance
  • Interest Rate 3.79 – 6.45% p/a
  • Loan Amount up to $200,000
  • Repayment 10 years to 30 years

With our quick home loans you can finance your dream home today

One of the first steps in the home buying process is to do your research and this can be done by speaking to knowledgeable people or researching online.

Bank of Sydney has made all the important details about their large range of award-winning home loans available on their website. They offer loans from $50,000 with no upper limit and loan terms of up to 30 years.

Compare online

While all the major loan comparison websites in Australia feature Bank of Sydney’s home loans you can also compare their range on their website.

This loan comparison page lists all the most crucial details from annual fees to loan terms and whether or not you can make additional repayments, draw funds from your home loan and whether there is a low-doc option available.

Apply online

You can enquire about any product offered by Bank of Sydney online and even get a home loan approved by completing their online loan application.

While it is simple to apply for a home loan online it is advisable to consider all of your options carefully before making an application as multiple application within a short space of time may affect your credit.

Is there anything I can do to increase my chances of getting my home loan approved?

The only thing a client can do to ensure that their loan gets approved is to ensure that their credit profile is always in good standing. When your credit profile is in a positive rank, it makes it easier for any credit provider to accept your loan application.

We understand that it is close to impossible to get a perfect credit profile but the least you can do is to ensure that you only apply for credit plans that you really need as opposed to putting your name in the firing line for things that can wait until you have money.

As a customer, you should do all that you can to protect your credibility. There is no telling when you might need a loan again in the future.

Can I change my mind about my home loan?

If for any reason you feel you no longer need a home loan, you are welcome to change your mind. We will not hold this against you as a customer can have a different credit perspective at any given time.

Please give us a call as soon as possible and we will stop processing your home loan credit request.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

January 2019

Without the help of the Bank of Sydney, I don’t know where I would have been with getting a home loan. They fast tracked everything and today, I am a proud property owner.

Melissa J
— Adelaide —

January 2019

The interest rates at the Bank of Sydney for home loans are genuinely affordable.

Nicole F
— Brisbane —

Bank of Sydney Contact Details

Physical Address

Postal Address

  • Level 4, 219 - 223 Castlereagh Street, GPO Box 4288, SYDNEY, 2001, Australia

Opening Hours

  • Monday 09:30 – 17:00
  • Tuesday 09:30 – 17:00
  • Wednesday 09:30 – 17:00
  • Thursday 09:30 – 17:00
  • Friday 09:30 – 17:00
  • Saturday – Closed
  • Sunday – Closed